Plantastyck’s Artificial Succulent Plant Picks.
Set of 6 in greens, reds, and blues.

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Planter and stones not included

Hi, I’m Amy from Plantastyck, For years I didn’t want any fake plants in my house. Then I finally cracked due to one really dark nook in our previous home. It was a total DEATH ZONE for plants. Do you have a spot like that in your house? If you do, listen up – it’s not your fault. (hug) I’m here for you.

So I bought a few artificial succulents for that stubborn hallway corner. And I was instantly converted. These faux succulents looked so realistic, never died, required no effort, and when I moved a couple years later, they moved with me. So I bought more… obviously! Now they decorate my office, too!

The sculptural beauty of artificial desert succulents is realistically handcrafted for year-round use. Incredibly lifelike faux succulents can be potted in individual ceramic or stone pots, fairy gardens or together in a lovely succulent arrangement pot. Faux succulents can be used to create beautiful table centerpieces for parties and special occasions.    They can even be used in corsages, boutonnieres, wedding bouquets and church decorations.

This fake succulent set of 6 pieces works perfectly together to make a lovely arrangement or separately filling spaces in live plants around your house or office. They also make great accessories for your fairy garden kitsartificial succulent plants, faux succulents, fake succulents, artificial succulents

Our most popular faux echeveria stem perfectly mimic’s the succulent’s petal-shaped leaves clustered in flower-like rosettes. Ranging from green to dark red, the stem adds rich color to botanic arrangements and terrariums. Handcrafted for us, each care-free stem is carefully handcrafted to look just like the real thing. This echeveria is a perfect filler for any artificial arrangement or filler for live arrangements.

Faux succulent designs require little care if dusted on a regular basis (dust on your artificial succulent plants is a dead giveaway! ) and kept in a dry area, free of direct sun.

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – 6 pieces of fake succulent plant picks including echeveria succulent, agave, aloe, string of pearls, among others. This selection makes a lovely artificial succulent arrangement in one creative container or individually. Handcrafted to replicate the plump leaves and fresh color of real succulent plants. You will be delighted with our realistic faux versions.
  • PERFECT SIZE – Add some spring greenery to your living space with this artificial succulent set. It varies in size from 3.5 inches wide to 12 inches long, perfect for providing texture and volume to colorful bouquets or great on its own in a small succulent pot. This artificial succulent pick set has colors of frosted green, varying greens, blue and reds to brighten your home or office. These are the perfect size for your fairy garden kit or for fairy garden accessories.
  • GREAT DESIGN – Fake succulents are great for fairy gardens, wedding bouquets, party and office decorations, home decor, centerpieces, corsages, church, altars, pew bows, miniature gardens, and more. They also make wonderful gifts or simple splashes of color around your home! Our artificial succulent picks are easy to take care of and will last for years.
  • LOOKS LIKE THE REAL THING – Sometimes the real things just aren’t possible — you’re either away too busy to take care of them, or they won’t survive in the shadows of your dark apartment. Add an artificial floral plant to your entryway, bedroom, living room or even beside your fireplace. These faux plants require no maintenance and will happily occupy a prominent or supportive position.

Can you tell which ones are artificial?

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